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Ansbach county: Home to many developers and people alike. It is also the home of a new meetup format. Every month on the second Tuesday we come together at the Tradebyte Software GmbH in Ansbach to meet for the /dev/night! Our meetup focuses on sharing knowledge and experiences. We also gather to learn new things through hands on practices and challenges.


Next Meetup

This time we'll go back to our roots and venture into coding katas. First we'll have a short introduction into the topic for all which are new to test driven development or the concept of coding katas. After that we will build pairs and practice our TDD muscles. 🚀

After an introduction to the topic we'll practice what we've learned in a hands on session with pairs! :)

We will also livestream the event!


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Talk notes

#04019.11.2019Coding Katas@niklas_heer
#03908.10.2019Hacktoberfest Open Hack Night @ Media Lab Ansbach@niklas_heer
#03810.09.2019Productivity Potluck@niklas_heer, Fabian, Florian, Bernd and Thomas
#03713.08.2019Java weather forecast: cheerful to cloudyHarald
#03616.07.2019#nuedigital specialRamesh, Jochen and Thomas
#03511.06.2019A blog of LaravelJuan
#03414.05.2019Test all the PHPings with CodeceptionBernd
#03312.04.2019#WueWW specialFrank and Naren
#03212.03.2019Show off your tools@niklas_heer
#03112.02.2019Go to gRPCGoran and Naren
#03022.01.2019Next Level JamMartin Jainta and @niklas_heer
#02911.12.2018Stairway to Service Mesh@stesie23
#02813.11.2018/dev/night @ friends - Control the real world with MicroPythonFlorian Snow and Thomas Christlieb
#02716.10.2018Quintet - WebWeek SpecialVladislav Kuznetsov, Mohammad Javidan Darugar, Joseph Varghese, Patrick Reul and Hannes Körber
#02611.09.2018DDD Strategic Design - Predict the future by designing itJochen
#02514.08.2018EuroPython 2018 Recap@niklas_heer, Tino, Fabian and Goran
#02410.07.2018Kafka how deep does the rabbit hole go?@stesie23
#02312.06.2018Drinking some Elixir            Joseph Varghese
#02208.05.2018Kubernetes Deep Dive            Hannes Körber and Vladislav Kuzntsov
#02110.04.2018Serverless durch die Nacht@stesie23
#02006.03.2018quartet - #WueWW specialStanislau Saprankou, Andreas Rodriguez Rivera, Emmanuel-Jelome Fonseca and @niklas_heer
#01913.02.2018Twisted Game of Life@niklas_heer
#01809.01.2018Global Game Jam - WarmupFabian Ihl
#01712.12.2017No password no cryJochen Christ
#01614.11.2017Workout for your TDDMartin Jainta
#01510.10.2017Introduction to AngularMaximilian Berghoff
#01412.09.2017Riding the whale (Docker)Jochen Christ
#01308.08.2017Introduction to ReactFlorian Drechsler
#01211.07.2017Don't rest on REST (Swagger)Fabian and @niklas_heer
#01113.06.2017Introduction to elm@stesie23
#01016.05.2017WebWeek SpecialRobert Gross, Martin Jainta, Markus Tacker, Richard Stromer, Sujay Kher, Daniel Meier and Fabian Ihl
#00911.04.2017Summer Jam@niklas_heer
#00814.03.2017hexagonal architecturePatrick
#00617.01.2017Global Game Jam - VorbereitungAkuryou
#00513.12.2016Christmas Hack@niklas_heer
#00408.11.2016TDD++ - "Wie schreibe ich testbaren Code?"@stesie23
#00311.10.2016TDD (Test Driven Development)@sd_alt
#00213.09.2016CQRS/ES (Command Query Responsibility Segregation und Event Sourcing)@stesie23
#00109.08.2016Transaction Patterns@niklas_heer

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