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Ansbach county: Home to many developers and people alike. It is also the home of a new meetup format. Every month on the second Tuesday we come together at the Tradebyte Software GmbH in Ansbach to meet for the /dev/night! Our meetup focuses on sharing knowledge and experiences. We also gather to learn new things through hands on practices and challenges.


Next Meetup

This time Fabian Ihl will introduce us to pathfinding in games. Pathfinding algorithms are usually an attempt to solve the shortest path problem in graph theory. It is used in games or in your navigation device to determine “the best” route between two points.

This is a preparation for the Global Game Jam (GGJ) which will take place from the 31st of January to the 2nd of February. Tradebyte is also hosting the GGJ in Ansbach. If you want to participate you can register yourself here.

Please bring your laptop.


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Talk notes

No. Date Topic Speaker Slides
#042 21.01.2020 Introduction to Pathfinding Fabian Ihl
#041 10.12.2019 Pentesting / XSS @zenturee
#040 19.11.2019 Coding Katas @niklas_heer
#039 08.10.2019 Hacktoberfest Open Hack Night @ Media Lab Ansbach @niklas_heer
#038 10.09.2019 Productivity Potluck @niklas_heer, Fabian, Florian, Bernd and Thomas
#037 13.08.2019 Java weather forecast: cheerful to cloudy Harald
#036 16.07.2019 #nuedigital special Ramesh, Jochen and Thomas
#035 11.06.2019 A blog of Laravel Juan
#034 14.05.2019 Test all the PHPings with Codeception Bernd
#033 12.04.2019 #WueWW special Frank and Naren
#032 12.03.2019 Show off your tools @niklas_heer
#031 12.02.2019 Go to gRPC Goran and Naren
#030 22.01.2019 Next Level Jam Martin Jainta and @niklas_heer
#029 11.12.2018 Stairway to Service Mesh @stesie23
#028 13.11.2018 /dev/night @ friends - Control the real world with MicroPython Florian Snow and Thomas Christlieb
#027 16.10.2018 Quintet - WebWeek Special Vladislav Kuznetsov, Mohammad Javidan Darugar, Joseph Varghese, Patrick Reul and Hannes Körber
#026 11.09.2018 DDD Strategic Design - Predict the future by designing it Jochen
#025 14.08.2018 EuroPython 2018 Recap @niklas_heer, Tino, Fabian and Goran
#024 10.07.2018 Kafka how deep does the rabbit hole go? @stesie23
#023 12.06.2018 Drinking some ElixirJoseph Varghese
#022 08.05.2018 Kubernetes Deep DiveHannes Körber and Vladislav Kuzntsov
#021 10.04.2018 Serverless durch die Nacht @stesie23
#020 06.03.2018 quartet - #WueWW special Stanislau Saprankou, Andreas Rodriguez Rivera, Emmanuel-Jelome Fonseca and @niklas_heer
#019 13.02.2018 Twisted Game of Life @niklas_heer
#018 09.01.2018 Global Game Jam - Warmup Fabian Ihl
#017 12.12.2017 No password no cry Jochen Christ
#016 14.11.2017 Workout for your TDD Martin Jainta
#015 10.10.2017 Introduction to Angular Maximilian Berghoff
#014 12.09.2017 Riding the whale (Docker) Jochen Christ
#013 08.08.2017 Introduction to React Florian Drechsler
#012 11.07.2017 Don't rest on REST (Swagger) Fabian and @niklas_heer
#011 13.06.2017 Introduction to elm @stesie23
#010 16.05.2017 WebWeek Special Robert Gross, Martin Jainta, Markus Tacker, Richard Stromer, Sujay Kher, Daniel Meier and Fabian Ihl
#009 11.04.2017 Summer Jam @niklas_heer
#008 14.03.2017 hexagonal architecture Patrick
#007 14.02.2017 SOLID-Prinzipien @sd_alt
#006 17.01.2017 Global Game Jam - Vorbereitung Akuryou
#005 13.12.2016 Christmas Hack @niklas_heer
#004 08.11.2016 TDD++ - "Wie schreibe ich testbaren Code?" @stesie23
#003 11.10.2016 TDD (Test Driven Development) @sd_alt
#002 13.09.2016 CQRS/ES (Command Query Responsibility Segregation und Event Sourcing) @stesie23
#001 09.08.2016 Transaction Patterns @niklas_heer

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