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Ansbach county: Home to many developers and people alike. It is also the home of a new meetup format. Every month on the second Tuesday we come together at the Tradebyte Software GmbH in Ansbach to meet for the /dev/night! Our meetup focuses on sharing knowledge and experiences. We also gather to learn new things through hands on practices and challenges.


Next Meetup

Usually we do the /dev/night each month on every second Tuesday. But this time its a special for the "Nürnberg Digital Festival": Three great talks will be presented, there should be an interesting topic for everyone. Networking is also welcome, since we got food and beverages.

The Agenda:

We will also livestream the event!


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You want to give a talk on the /dev/night?

Awesome! Just visit our talks submission page.

Given talks

#03511.06.2019A blog of LaravelJuan
#03414.05.2019Test all the PHPings with CodeceptionBernd
#03312.04.2019#WueWW specialFrank and Naren
#03212.03.2019Show off your tools@niklas_heer
#03112.02.2019Go to gRPCGoran and Naren
#03022.01.2019Next Level JamMartin Jainta and Niklas Heer
#02911.12.2018Stairway to Service Mesh@stesie23
#02813.11.2018/dev/night @ friends - Control the real world with MicroPythonFlorian Snow and Thomas Christlieb
#02716.10.2018Quintet - WebWeek SpecialVladislav Kuznetsov, Mohammad Javidan Darugar, Joseph Varghese, Patrick Reul and Hannes Körber
#02611.09.2018DDD Strategic Design - Predict the future by designing itJochen
#02514.08.2018EuroPython 2018 RecapNiklas, Tino, Fabian and Goran
#02410.07.2018Kafka how deep does the rabbit hole go?@stesie23
#02312.06.2018Drinking some Elixir            Joseph Varghese
#02208.05.2018Kubernetes Deep Dive            Hannes Körber and Vladislav Kuzntsov
#02110.04.2018Serverless durch die Nacht@stesie23
#02006.03.2018quartet - #WueWW specialStanislau Saprankou, Andreas Rodriguez Rivera, Emmanuel-Jelome Fonseca and @niklas_heer
#01913.02.2018Twisted Game of Life@niklas_heer
#01809.01.2018Global Game Jam - WarmupFabian Ihl
#01712.12.2017No password no cryJochen Christ
#01614.11.2017Workout for your TDDMartin Jainta
#01510.10.2017Introduction to AngularMaximilian Berghoff
#01412.09.2017Riding the whale (Docker)Jochen Christ
#01308.08.2017Introduction to ReactFlorian Drechsler
#01211.07.2017Don't rest on REST (Swagger)Fabian and @niklas_heer
#01113.06.2017Introduction to elm@stesie23
#01016.05.2017WebWeek SpecialRobert Gross, Martin Jainta, Markus Tacker, Richard Stromer, Sujay Kher, Daniel Meier and Fabian Ihl
#00911.04.2017Summer Jam@niklas_heer
#00814.03.2017hexagonal architecturePatrick
#00617.01.2017Global Game Jam - VorbereitungAkuryou
#00513.12.2016Christmas Hack@niklas_heer
#00408.11.2016TDD++ - "Wie schreibe ich testbaren Code?"@stesie23
#00311.10.2016TDD (Test Driven Development)@sd_alt
#00213.09.2016CQRS/ES (Command Query Responsibility Segregation und Event Sourcing)@stesie23
#00109.08.2016Transaction Patterns@niklas_heer

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